Generic stromectol for humans

By Admin on April 11, 2021

Raw beets Attach a piece to the sore spot. Propolis tincture Moisten a cotton swab with a solution, apply to the tooth, but not to the gum (you can get burned). The product is not suitable for those with an allergic reaction to honey and its products.

Take a small onion, chop very finely. Wrap the resulting mass in gauze (cambric or washed thin chintz) and put in the ear, which is located on the other side of the diseased area. Valerian or horse sorrel leaves Plucked leaves can be chewed or applied to the tooth. The tool helps out well when outdoor recreation in summer. Peppermint The plant has excellent analgesic and vasodilating properties.

Stromectol for humans

Chewing the leaves is enough to reduce pain. Vodka with garlic Grate two cloves of garlic, mix with 30 ml of vodka. Rinse your mouth intensively on the affected side. Be sure to spit the mixture. Aspen ivermectin A tablespoon of small chips is poured with boiling water (a little more than a glass), boiled for 15 minutes, insisted for at least half an hour.

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Then rinse your mouth every 15-20 minutes until the pain stops completely. Rinsing with a ivermectin of oak bark It is prepared in the same way as a ivermectin of aspen. Clove oil A cotton wool soaked in oil is applied to the tooth. Fir oil A few drops are required to be applied to a cotton swab or disc and applied to the sore spot. Vapors can be inhaled for "diffuse", non-localized pain. Tea tree oil is also applied to cotton wool, applied to the problem area. If necessary, we do a mini-inhalation.

Plantain Take a leaf of fresh plantain, rinse it well. You can knead it, you can chew it. Apply the resulting gruel to the sore spot. Alternatively, brew the herb (1 tablespoon per glass) and rinse with a warm solution.

Plantain root Pull out plantain bush, rinse well and dry the roots. Place several roots between the tooth and the cheek. The second option is to shove the root into the ear canal from the sore side. Cinnamon Pour cinnamon powder with warm water so that a dense mass is obtained. We apply the resulting paste to the tooth and the adjacent gum.

  1. The improvement is noticed almost immediately, after a few minutes the pain goes away
  2. Turnip ivermectin Pour boiling water over two tablespoons of chopped vegetables and simmer for 15 minutes over low heat
  3. Cool until warm and rinse.

Camphor oil Perfectly helps not only with toothache, but also with gum abscesses. The moistened cotton swab is applied to the tooth or gum. Pus draws off very quickly. Apply a clove of garlic on the wrist on the opposite side from the affected area. Tie with a bandage or secure with a plaster. Onion husk ivermectin Remove the husk from the medium onion, pour boiling water over it. Insist until the solution is warm. Start rinsing. The tool is really very effective - three procedures every 20-30 minutes are enough.